How to code a select tag with different value and key for PFBC

i have been checking out the documentation for PFBC trying to find out how I could have my select tag have a different value from it’s key/name in effect being able ot have this

<option value="foo">bar</option>

Normally select is written like that

$form->addElement(new Element_Select("My Select:", "MySelect", array(
   "Option #1",
   "Option #2",
   "Option #3"

By reading the code of the class I have found out that the functionality is actually there. All that you need to do is to replace the ‘Option’ with ‘key’ => ‘value’.
If you are fetching database results or you have a somehow dynamic array this is the structure the array should have.

array(3) {
  string(19) "Dimitris"
  string(12) "Janet"
  string(7) "Yiannis"

And this is the format of the select call when you use an array.

$form->addElement(new PFBC\Element\Select("LABEL", "SELECTID", $array ));

I hope this helps if you have any questions let me know.