Unlock the hIdden Netflix categories

This a nice list of all the hidden categories on Netflix.Simply replace the number on the address bar with one of the numbers below

Action & Adventure: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/1365 

As far as I can understand these are the same regardless of the location you are accessing Netflix from.

Action & Adventure: 1365
Action Comedies: 43040
Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1568
Action Thrillers: 43048
Adult Animation: 11881
Adventures: 7442
African Movies: 3761
Alien Sci-Fi: 3327
Animal Tales: 5507
Anime: 7424
Anime Action: 2653
Anime Comedies: 9302
Anime Dramas: 452
Anime Fantasy: 11146
Anime Features: 3063
Anime Horror: 10695
Anime Sci-Fi: 2729
Anime Series: 6721
Art House Movies: 29764
Asian Action Movies: 77232
Australian Movies: 5230
B-Horror Movies: 8195
Baseball Movies: 12339
Basketball Movies: 12762
Belgian Movies: 262
Biographical Documentaries: 3652
Biographical Dramas: 3179
Boxing Movies: 12443
British Movies: 10757
British TV Shows: 52117
Campy Movies: 1252
Children & Family Movies: 783
Chinese Movies: 3960
Classic Action & Adventure: 46576
Classic Comedies: 31694
Classic Dramas: 29809
Classic Foreign Movies: 32473
Classic Movies: 31574
Classic Musicals: 32392
Classic Romantic Movies: 31273
Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 47147
Classic Thrillers: 46588
Classic TV Shows: 46553
Classic War Movies: 48744
Classic Westerns: 47465
Comedies: 6548
Comic Book and Superhero Movies: 10118
Country & Western/Folk: 1105
Courtroom Dramas: 528582748
Creature Features: 6895
Crime Action & Adventure: 9584
Crime Documentaries: 9875
Crime Dramas: 6889
Crime Thrillers: 10499
Crime TV Shows: 26146
Cult Comedies: 9434
Cult Horror Movies: 10944
Cult Movies: 7627
Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 4734
Cult TV Shows: 74652
Dark Comedies: 869
Deep Sea Horror Movies: 45028
Disney: 67673
Disney Musicals: 59433
Documentaries: 6839
Dramas: 5763
Dramas based on Books: 4961
Dramas based on real life: 3653
Dutch Movies: 10606
Eastern European Movies: 5254
Education for Kids: 10659
Epics: 52858
Experimental Movies: 11079
Faith & Spirituality: 26835
Faith & Spirituality Movies: 52804
Family Features: 51056
Fantasy Movies: 9744
Film Noir: 7687
Food & Travel TV: 72436
Football Movies: 12803
Foreign Action & Adventure: 11828
Foreign Comedies: 4426
Foreign Documentaries: 5161
Foreign Dramas: 2150
Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies: 8243
Foreign Horror Movies: 8654
Foreign Movies: 7462
Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 6485
Foreign Thrillers: 10306
French Movies: 58807
Gangster Movies: 31851
Gay & Lesbian Dramas: 500
German Movies: 58886
Greek Movies: 61115
Historical Documentaries: 5349
Horror Comedy: 89585
Horror Movies: 8711
Independent Action & Adventure: 11804
Independent Comedies: 4195
Independent Dramas: 384
Independent Movies: 7077
Independent Thrillers: 3269
Indian Movies: 10463
Irish Movies: 58750
Italian Movies: 8221
Japanese Movies: 10398
Jazz & Easy Listening: 10271
Kids Faith & Spirituality: 751423
Kids Music: 52843
Kids’ TV: 27346
Korean Movies: 5685
Korean TV Shows: 67879
Late Night Comedies: 1402
Latin American Movies: 1613
Latin Music: 10741
Martial Arts Movies: 8985
Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling: 6695
Middle Eastern Movies: 5875
Military Action & Adventure: 2125
Military Documentaries: 4006
Military Dramas: 11
Military TV Shows: 25804
Miniseries: 4814
Mockumentaries: 26
Monster Movies: 947
Movies based on children’s books: 10056
Movies for ages 0 to 2: 6796
Movies for ages 2 to 4: 6218
Movies for ages 5 to 7: 5455
Movies for ages 8 to 10: 561
Movies for ages 11 to 12: 6962
Music & Concert Documentaries: 90361
Music: 1701
Musicals: 13335
Mysteries: 9994
New Zealand Movies: 63782
Period Pieces: 12123
Political Comedies: 2700
Political Documentaries: 7018
Political Dramas: 6616
Political Thrillers: 10504
Psychological Thrillers: 5505
Quirky Romance: 36103
Reality TV: 9833
Religious Documentaries: 10005
Rock & Pop Concerts: 3278
Romantic Comedies: 5475
Romantic Dramas: 1255
Romantic Favorites: 502675
Romantic Foreign Movies: 7153
Romantic Independent Movies: 9916
Romantic Movies: 8883
Russian: 11567
Satanic Stories: 6998
Satires: 4922
Scandinavian Movies: 9292
Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1492
Sci-Fi Adventure: 6926
Sci-Fi Dramas: 3916
Sci-Fi Horror Movies: 1694
Sci-Fi Thrillers: 11014
Science & Nature Documentaries: 2595
Science & Nature TV: 52780
Screwball Comedies: 9702
Showbiz Dramas: 5012
Showbiz Musicals: 13573
Silent Movies: 53310
Slapstick Comedies: 10256
Slasher and Serial Killer Movies: 8646
Soccer Movies: 12549
Social & Cultural Documentaries: 3675
Social Issue Dramas: 3947
Southeast Asian Movies: 9196
Spanish Movies: 58741
Spiritual Documentaries: 2760
Sports & Fitness: 9327
Sports Comedies: 5286
Sports Documentaries: 180
Sports Dramas: 7243
Sports Movies: 4370
Spy Action & Adventure: 10702
Spy Thrillers: 9147
Stage Musicals: 55774
Stand-up Comedy: 11559
Steamy Romantic Movies: 35800
Steamy Thrillers: 972
Supernatural Horror Movies: 42023
Supernatural Thrillers: 11140
Tearjerkers: 6384
Teen Comedies: 3519
Teen Dramas: 9299
Teen Screams: 52147
Teen TV Shows: 60951
Thrillers: 8933
Travel & Adventure Documentaries: 1159
TV Action & Adventure: 10673
TV Cartoons: 11177
TV Comedies: 10375
TV Documentaries: 10105
TV Dramas: 11714
TV Horror: 83059
TV Mysteries: 4366
TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1372
TV Shows: 83
Urban & Dance Concerts: 9472
Vampire Horror Movies: 75804
Werewolf Horror Movies: 75930
Westerns: 7700
World Music Concerts: 2856
Zombie Horror Movies: 75405

Revolution TV series criticism

Hmmm, ok I started writing this article and I wanted to say that I really liked the first episode. Yest the acting is a bit so-and-so and the dialogue really need some love, but the premise is nice. I kind of liked the idea of a post-apocalyptic world that nature has prevailed but humans exist in pre industrial communities. It really reminded me of The Postman  (you should really see this movie if you like post-apoc, a bit (although that’s a post-nuclear fallout world)

And then, then I did some thinking and things started to make no sense. Ok Jet Engines, Electronics, Car engines don’t work because “the physics went all wrong” but … semi-automatic weapons can fire? Any sort of a weapon uses more or less the same laws that an internal combustion engine is using.

Trying to support the theory of the series I thought, well maybe there is something that tampers with Electric fields so electric engines or engines that use an electronic ignition won’t work… Well yeah … our neural system is kind of REALLY using electric impulses to function so if there was something tampering with that we were utterly ‘le fucked’.

The other possibility would have been that a really major EMP of some sort hit the earth, after some reading actually this might be a possible explanation. A long lasting period of solar activity can stop communications and electronics from working and can also tamper with electric power generation. In this case, steam engines will work. Guns will also be able to fire. Internal combustion engines will have a huge problem to start running because the ignition requires kind of a strong electric current to fire up the fuel.

So yeah .. that’s a possibility, not very strong but that’s at least within the realm of possible.

What do you think? Any other ideas or arguments?


Pixar’s Brave review


It is not very often that I have so mixed feelings about a movie. Honestly Brave made me want to see it again just to clear my feeling about it.

The plot

Merida, a Scottish princess whose interests include archery and horse riding, is told by her mother that her interests are not what a princess should be doing and that she has to marry. But Merida chooses to defy her mother. And when she and her mother have an argument Merida rides off and meets a witch. She asks for a spell to change her mother. And the witch gives her a cake which she gives to her mother but the change is not what she was hoping for. So she tries to find a way to fix it.

The review

I will start by saying that the graphics, colours and animation are just stunning. I couldn’t stop starring at the jaw dropping curls of Merida’s fiery red hair or the amazingly lighted sceneries that made me to want to go to Scotland so very much.

The soundtrack of the movie moves away from Disney’s classic singing and dancing characters but it still accompanies each scene beautifully creating a very cheerful or full of movement and action environment. Of course each song and piece is heavily inspired by the celtic folklore songs but adds a nice instrumental taste to it.

The characters are well built but not really explored. That is one of the thing that make me doubt the final result. There was so much that it has been left unsaid and the movie feels like someone just removed a major plot twist and about an additional hour. (the movie is 100 minutes long but I would easily go for a 140 – 160 minutes version)

As with the characters the plotline remains very simple and very linear, I would love to see a more strong plot twist (see Lion King that was actually written by Brenda Chapman as well) I want to believe that the reason for it was the fact that the movie was intended for all audiences which means our young friends should also be able to enjoy it.

Once again the movie escapes Disney’s completely wrong role model standards and talks about issues like gender equality, woman empowerment, and family relations in a beautiful way that kind of surprises in a nice way.

In an unrelated note the short file  La Luna by Pixar is shown before Brave begins and it’s ..beautiful 


Brave was a beautiful experience. If you enjoyed the likes of How to train your dragon and Tangled you will surely like Brave. I believe that both IMDB and Rotten tomatoes scores are well deserved.

Rotten tomatoes: 80% http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/brave_2012/

IMDB: 7.6/10 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1217209/


The Dark Knight Rises review

Yesterday me, Janet and Jason went to see the new Batman movie. I must admit that after re-watching the first two parts of the trilogy I was quite thrilled and frankly psyched about watching the last instalment of the trilogy.

Many criticized the movie as being slow and detached from the characters. After seeing the movie I have to say that yes, this is was not a movie about the amazing-chaotic-demented personality of the villain (see Joker/Two Face take your pick). This was an EPIC large-scale engagement movie about a situation and above all, Batman not as the masked dark avenger but as a human being and closure.

The experience

First of all, prepare yourself for a long movie, this is a 2 hours and 30 minutes movie, which with advertisements and coming soon will very easily become a 3 hours experience, so I will suggest that if you are hungry or thirsty get enough to last you!

The special effects of the movie were amazing but still not overwhelming, which honestly it’s a very hard balance to get right these days. I loved how earthly but yet high-tech all the vehicles and gadgets looked. (I really want a model of Batman’s bridge jumper!)

We saw the movie at Stratford Vue eXtreme and the audio was mind-blowing at a level that at some points I felt that the sound and music was more engaging than the video. The music was so well stitched together and the established themes complimented so well each scene, creating a very immersive environment without being overbearing or trying to push an emotion or a reaction.

Scenario and cast

Christopher Nolan said that this is going to be the last movie of this franchise, and I think it’s  a very good decision. Regardless by the end of the movie he left some really cute plot triggers.

I believe that Christian Bale gave a beautiful performance but it was not as good as the previous two movies, but still acting wise he fulfilled his purpose. I believe that in this movie was more of Bruce Wayne than he was Batman but that was intentional and it was carried very well through out the movie.

Tom Hardy at the role of Bane was, mmm, ok but nothing special really. I believe it had to do with the fact that Bane’s mask – while hiding his mouth stripped off the character of any visible emotion.

I didn’t know what to expect from Anne Hathaway as Selina. It was not disappointing but at the same time not thrilled as well. She really tried the femme-fatale but I am not sure he actually got it. What I can honestly admit that she must have had a lot of training and she worked hard to move like a cat. Quite elegant and somewhat sexy.

Excellent performance and high marks to Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role of Blake.

As always, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine held the pyre as really grade A actors. (I can’t believe how old these guys are getting 🙁 snif!). I think that Michael Caine made me cry a bit yesterday

Although Janet managed to guess almost all plot twists I must admit me and Jason were delightfully surprised by all of them.


This was a REALLY good movie, I don’t know if will be as memorable as “the Dark Knight” but was surely a very entertaining and strong experience. Please note that this is NOT-a-TV-movie-experience it’s a Cinema-MUST-go.

“Romeo says Go and watch it” 

Rotten tomatoes: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_dark_knight_rises/
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1345836/ 

Buy and watch the 2 previous movies, they were AWESOME!