Revolution TV series criticism

Hmmm, ok I started writing this article and I wanted to say that I really liked the first episode. Yest the acting is a bit so-and-so and the dialogue really need some love, but the premise is nice. I kind of liked the idea of a post-apocalyptic world that nature has prevailed but humans exist in pre industrial communities. It really reminded me of The Postman  (you should really see this movie if you like post-apoc, a bit (although that’s a post-nuclear fallout world)

And then, then I did some thinking and things started to make no sense. Ok Jet Engines, Electronics, Car engines don’t work because “the physics went all wrong” but … semi-automatic weapons can fire? Any sort of a weapon uses more or less the same laws that an internal combustion engine is using.

Trying to support the theory of the series I thought, well maybe there is something that tampers with Electric fields so electric engines or engines that use an electronic ignition won’t work… Well yeah … our neural system is kind of REALLY using electric impulses to function so if there was something tampering with that we were utterly ‘le fucked’.

The other possibility would have been that a really major EMP of some sort hit the earth, after some reading actually this might be a possible explanation. A long lasting period of solar activity can stop communications and electronics from working and can also tamper with electric power generation. In this case, steam engines will work. Guns will also be able to fire. Internal combustion engines will have a huge problem to start running because the ignition requires kind of a strong electric current to fire up the fuel.

So yeah .. that’s a possibility, not very strong but that’s at least within the realm of possible.

What do you think? Any other ideas or arguments?