Featuring Kassandra Leigh Purcell

It’s hard to believe it but I have been watching her talent grow for 9 years now. Kassandra started as a self-portrait photographer and managed to evolve into a multi talented girl with an aptitude for modelling, costume design, an exquisite ability for make-up and stage set-up and last but not least extremely good Photoshop skills. I really don’t know of many people that are so good into doing so many things around their art. Since then Kassandra started to also photograph other models with amazing results, a thing that comes only as a testament to her skills.

Kassandra, or Kayleigh as people used to know her as when she joined deviantArt, managed within the years of her carrier to bloom and bring her work into a whole new level by keeping her ideals and style solid. At this point there are hundreds of aspiring young artists to try to follow her footsteps and use the same methodoly and style she established, if this is not a sign of success, what is?



You can find more of her work here: http://kassandraleigh.deviantart.com/

Follow her work, like here Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Unseelie.Allure