XCOM Enemy Unknown Temple Ship: How to open the Gate (gate won’t open)

Notice: This might contain spoilers for people that haven’t reached the last mission of the XCOM Enemy Unknown game. 

I was playing XCOM Enemy Uknown and I have finally reached the last mission killed all the guys and found my way to the room with the 2 Sectopods. I have killed them and proceeded to the door at the very end of the room which would not open.

I am writing this article to shed some light on the issue that I have seen many players were searching for a solution online.

The solution was simple. There are still aliens you haven’t shot already in previous rooms. (Most possibly the Mutons at the room before the Sectopods.

Get your whole team out of the room you are currently in (Sectopods), as in behind the gate you’ve entered from, and then seek the missing alien.

When you do move your team in. There will be some nasties and waiting for you and the door will be open.

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