About me

One-eyed, Application Architect, Team Manager, User Experience researcher, designer, teacher, life long student and passionate storyteller that loves all things fantasy and science fiction and lemon pies. Used to take photos everyday and now wishes he had more time to do so.

From a very young age I have found myself wearing many hats ranging from, front-end developer and back-end developer to photographer and designer and I consider myself lucky to had the opportunity to nurture these skills. I am passionate about architecting medium and large scale applications and User Experience research. I consider writing code extremely important for anyone who wants to keep in touch with his team and his art and I still do in some capacity.

I am an advocate of Agile and more specifically Kan-Ban as well as life long education and I am doing my best to promote and help my teams to grow and learn something new everyday.

Passionate about creating and writing as a hobby and evolved in a variety of projects, I keep busy and enjoy my life, living with my beautiful soprano of a wife and our three cats.



If you need to come in contact with me you can find me sailing the high seas m’lad!

Or you can just send an mail or tweet to me
hello@iamromeo.com | @dimitrisromeo