My very first video using DJI Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1 flying 100m  (300 feet) over East Croydon Station area.

Even with winds averaging 12m/s the drone handled very well.

The video was a bit dark because I made the bad decision to use the darkened filter on a day which was not brightly lit.

I have kept the drone flying only over my backyard to make sure that everyone is safe.

Tips for new pilots from a new pilot

One thing I have learnt during my first days as a aerial photographer and drone pilot is that you cannot go through the pre and post flight check list enough times. Preparation and security of both your drone and other people is paramount.

When you first flying your drone take it easy, take the time to fly in an open area low and learn how to steer, take off and land safely.

DO NOT PANIC! Sudden and jerky moves can only cause harm to you, your drone or others. Learn how to turn off your propellers in case your drone crashes but DO NOT cut power to them while in flight EVER.

Read through CAA guidelines. This is a really nice video from First Person View on that matter

Fly safe!