My diet so far

Weigh graph

I haven’t been to Greece for two years and after a whole summer going up and down of 90 kgs i managed in 15 days of vacation time to eat through 4 kilos of everything that is amazingly yummy and Greek.

As you’ve possibly have gathered already the Green line is my weight. The jump at the very beginning after the flat summer is my time in Greece, and then, then I came back.

I must admit at the very beginning it was very very hard. but what I discovered was that what made a huge impact this time around (yes I have tried many times before) was the fact that I kept myself COMPLETELY in check for 2 weeks. After that it was smooth sailing. I started with eating 1750 after 2 weeks I went down to 1500 and now i am consuming a maximum of 1200 calories a day.

But it’s not just about calories. I have come to understand that what these calories are made of is actually even more important. I have started with a diet that had a focus on protein. Beef, pork, chicken and fish became part of almost each meal. One of the other things i had to do is cut down any complex carbohydrates (Pasta, bread, rice, potatoes etc) and trust me this was hard and a huge change. I was still eating a lot of veggies and fruit but carefully.

Soon i have realized that with this diet I was definitely not gaining any weight and sometimes losing a small amount but it was not even close to what i had in mind. I found out two things.

  • If i was eating during the evening the chances that i will have lost weight were way smaller
  • The amount of fat I was eating was making a significant difference on the amount I would lose.

So, two decisions were taken. I had to change what kind of meat i was eating (more chicken and white fish, less pork, beef)  and to keep my dinner extremely light. Keep in mind, and this is important, I was still eating dinner, just a much much lighter one. A good example would be light yogurt and a bit of honey or fruit or a nice soup. Soups are actually an amazing way if Janet is making them check her recipes.

The third thing I had to do was to make sure I move. At least 10.000 steps a day which was not the easiest thing in the world. If I had the time, which was not always the case, i would go for a swim or spend some time with my weights.

Finally, maybe the most important help I got was from CalorieCount, my FitBit and TicTrac. Without being able to gather data and get to learn how my body works there is no way I could pulled it through. I have used CalorieCount to understand what and how I eat and how many calories it had. I used my FitBit to make sure i am reaching 10.000 steps a day (more of the time i would reach 8500) and finally TicTrac to visually understand the impact of my intake and calories usage.

So there you have it. 28 days later I have lost 8.5 kilos and i am still going on. My plan is to become the same weight I was when I was 20 which was 75 kilos.

If you have any questions or there is a way I can help you out, let me know!

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  1. I’m so amazed with your progress so far! Keep taking this big steps towards your goal, but remember that what’s inside is ultimately more important that exterior appearances… especially if what’s inside is soup 😉

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