The rise of the commercial virtual reality experience

It is discussed for quite some years now – Science Fiction writers and movies predicted it and now, now is the time for us to enjoy it as part of our every day life.

Virtual and Augmented reality technology is not something new. We have seen many attempts for a successful utilization of the concept since the early 90’s, but now we have reached the point that it can be realized in a commercial level.

Prices for equipment went down significantly while the processing power, memory storage and electronic capabilities reached the level that it can feel real and immersive.

I would like to bring to your attention two very interesting finds I made lately, the VOID project and UWM unleashed. The videos speak for themselves so I will leave you to enjoy them.

Unified Weapons Master Unleashed – Armored Melee weapons combat of the future

VOID the “Advanced” virtual reality experience

What do you think that the next step will be?