The Dark Knight Rises review

Yesterday me, Janet and Jason went to see the new Batman movie. I must admit that after re-watching the first two parts of the trilogy I was quite thrilled and frankly psyched about watching the last instalment of the trilogy.

Many criticized the movie as being slow and detached from the characters. After seeing the movie I have to say that yes, this is was not a movie about the amazing-chaotic-demented personality of the villain (see Joker/Two Face take your pick). This was an EPIC large-scale engagement movie about a situation and above all, Batman not as the masked dark avenger but as a human being and closure.

The experience

First of all, prepare yourself for a long movie, this is a 2 hours and 30 minutes movie, which with advertisements and coming soon will very easily become a 3 hours experience, so I will suggest that if you are hungry or thirsty get enough to last you!

The special effects of the movie were amazing but still not overwhelming, which honestly it’s a very hard balance to get right these days. I loved how earthly but yet high-tech all the vehicles and gadgets looked. (I really want a model of Batman’s bridge jumper!)

We saw the movie at Stratford Vue eXtreme and the audio was mind-blowing at a level that at some points I felt that the sound and music was more engaging than the video. The music was so well stitched together and the established themes complimented so well each scene, creating a very immersive environment without being overbearing or trying to push an emotion or a reaction.

Scenario and cast

Christopher Nolan said that this is going to be the last movie of this franchise, and I think it’s  a very good decision. Regardless by the end of the movie he left some really cute plot triggers.

I believe that Christian Bale gave a beautiful performance but it was not as good as the previous two movies, but still acting wise he fulfilled his purpose. I believe that in this movie was more of Bruce Wayne than he was Batman but that was intentional and it was carried very well through out the movie.

Tom Hardy at the role of Bane was, mmm, ok but nothing special really. I believe it had to do with the fact that Bane’s mask – while hiding his mouth stripped off the character of any visible emotion.

I didn’t know what to expect from Anne Hathaway as Selina. It was not disappointing but at the same time not thrilled as well. She really tried the femme-fatale but I am not sure he actually got it. What I can honestly admit that she must have had a lot of training and she worked hard to move like a cat. Quite elegant and somewhat sexy.

Excellent performance and high marks to Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role of Blake.

As always, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine held the pyre as really grade A actors. (I can’t believe how old these guys are getting 🙁 snif!). I think that Michael Caine made me cry a bit yesterday

Although Janet managed to guess almost all plot twists I must admit me and Jason were delightfully surprised by all of them.


This was a REALLY good movie, I don’t know if will be as memorable as “the Dark Knight” but was surely a very entertaining and strong experience. Please note that this is NOT-a-TV-movie-experience it’s a Cinema-MUST-go.

“Romeo says Go and watch it” 

Rotten tomatoes:

Buy and watch the 2 previous movies, they were AWESOME!