Samsung announces Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung just announce it’s latest addition GS4 a phone that Android can really be proud of. With a 5 inch 1080p 441ppi screen (using as always Amoled technology) and a mind blowing 1.9 quadcore processor powered by 2GB or RAM this phone can actually claim that IS better by many laptops out in the market right now.

As expected the new camera is a whooping 13megapixels wonder that gets an even more enhanced experience by the new software featured added that allow you to add voice to photos and take short, gif like animations.

A S4 introduces a bunch of new technologies like eye tracking for videos, image recognition for text and imagery, screen proximity events and excellent connectivity with S4 and Samsung devices.

Finally the design got a bit streamlined and became “premium”, but it still made of plastic, almost a hybrid between S3 and Note with the addition of polycarbonate chassis which protects the corners of the device. I actually quite like the fact since my S3 looks like it passed through a warzone after 6 months of use.

The phone will be going into stores at some point within the second quarter of 2013, and do note that the already overpowered CPU will be double as strong as the American version (see above) for Europe. Yes, we are getting an 8 core CPU, just because we are cooler.