Moving house

That was one hell of a weekend.

We’ve started packing Friday morning, the last 2 years of my life I have accumulated way more ‘stuff’ that I could have ever thought I did. When I came into the house 2 years ago all I had was a -admittedly- a very large suitcase and my photography/laptop bag. I think that in my mind this was the issue again. But, no that’s wasn’t the case AT ALL. It took us all day from 9 in the morning till late in the evening to pack everything up and we’ve ended up with tens of bags and so much electronic equipment.

Saturday morning we have an amazing experience moving everything from the 3rd floor down to the ground floor and waiting for Jam the Man with the Van. Jam was an amazing help and he came in a very good price as well. If you ever need to move around London let me know so I can give you his details.

Which brings us to Saturday mid-day with everything laying in the middle of the living room in a huge pile – On the plus side – Virgin Media was already there at 11:00 o’clock 2 hours ahead of schedule and had Internet, phone and TV connected in less than 20 minutes which was kind of REALLY awesome (thumbs up to Virgin Media once again)

After a much needed snooze we head to IKEA supposedly to get a small amount of small stuff we ended up with a large amount of large stuff like 3 books cases, a desk chair, a TV Table, 2 chairs and a table! Well it gave us something to do during Sunday.

Sunday was surely a more relaxed day. It started with pancakes made by Janet (which is always a good omen) and later on it involved a lot of screwing (unscrewing in the case of Janet putting Mr.Malcolm (her new desk chair) the wrong way), some hammering and a lot of innuendo around screwing and hammering, bending backwards, and how Billy and Billy (the twin bookcases) got Benno (The tall thin cd/dvd case) in the middle and had their way with him.


By the end of the day the house looked much better. We are still camping on a double inflatable mattress but it feels like home!

Next weekend we will be heading to Janet’s parents place in Long Clawson to get some more furniture and hopefully soon we will be having one hell of a house warming party!